Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Live figure studies, some samurai armor studies, one of the masks i made up (the rendered one) and an early WIP concept that has a lot of work left on it. 


  1. thats gooooooood!!!Great studies, but the cyborg looks totally awesome :D
    U seem to improving tons.Glad to see u keeping up kevin!!!!!gogogogogo

  2. Hey bro

    Very hard work going on here as usual. One thing I would say is maybe the size of your book is unconsciously squashing your studies or you only do medium shots of the figures..
    I can't shake the feeling though that your figures feel somehow cramped in by the page.
    Okay maybe I'm talking out of my ass now.

    Keep up the good work bro.. really miss you on the forums these days.. but cool bro, please keep up the good work and have a great weekend. =)

  3. mmm that samurai is shiny