Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some more work, the knight piece is a WIP, still need to work out the colors and reduce the clutter or at least implement it better. 
Also i'm trying to not just copy anatomy, but really understand it too. Figured i would start at one of the harder places that have been bugging me lately; the shoulder.. the scapula turns out to be really hard to remember but the muscle locations are really simple so long as i can make a scapula that has room for them. 


  1. looking great man! the color/light/shadows in your wip look stunning, great studies and keep working you crazy mofo!

  2. yeah very interesting.The colors look accurate and nice blocking there.
    Keep it up

  3. Good grief.. your latest painting is painted so well, it is such an improvement over your last few which I thought were muddy..

    Anatomy studies are looking lush, you have an interesting way to study.. I kind of just draw the stuff in the three different views and hope it sticks. But I think you are taking a more sensible approach with the anatomy now.

    Lines are looking good too.. not really much to crit.. keep well bro. =)